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More on Entropy Yoga

Entropy is a term from science. It implies that any activity that takes place by us or anyone else increases the entropy of the universe. No known physical process is known that can decrease entropy. This quantity has been increasing relentlessly in the universe from the beginning of creation. Only a Supreme creator may decrease this quantity through annihilation of mass and energy. Just conversion of mass to energy as some scientific humans can now do is insufficient. A total physical annihilation may well be the ultimate destiny of the universe when entropy has increased to unsustainable levels.

Amongst the various activities that a human may perform, those that promote order lead to smaller increases of entropy as opposed to activities that are disorderly. An orderly way of living brings a human closer to the creator and the united universe. In general the more orderly a person the more evolved he or she is likely to be.

Ancient yogis, in order to understand the ultimate reality of the universe, tried to induce a state where entropy can be held still – “Be still and know thyself.” However just merely being physically still is not enough as even thought causes increases of entropy at the level of consciousness. Therefore to reach the zero entropy state one has to still these too. The mind is very difficult to control and therefore ancient yogis have tried the next best thing to completely stilling thought. Repeating a word endlessly called chanting a mantra. At times a rosary is used to aid the process. Certain mantras are more conducive to stilling thoughts than others and these mantras vary with time, place and person. A yogi achieves partial unity with the Universal Consciousness and experiences magical effects in such a state. Some of these have been described by and ancient Sanskrit text on Yoga by Pantanjali an ancient sage who documented various aspects of yoga in brief verses called sutras. The interested reader should easily find this well known text by a Google search.

A reader may wonder what is the purpose of various physical exercises that many modern yoga teachers teach if the purpose of yoga is ultimately to be still. Patanjali himself has given the answer to this. These various exercises are called asanas that are a prelude to be able to be comfortably still for long periods of time, whenever one wishes to be still.

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