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Feeling Lethargic? 8 Ways to Get Your Energy Up Naturally!

Ever get so excited about something like a new idea or a vacation you’re going on in the morning that you can’t even sleep? It’s because of your mental energy! Why do kids have so much energy? They are so excited about going to the park, or for Santa to come, everything is new and exciting.

When you start getting into a routine life where you go to work every day and see the same people every day and all you have is a laundry list of things to do running through your head, this can exhaust your mental energy! This is why you feel so tired and lethargic.

The mind and body have such a strong connection so if you can get the mental energy, it will resonate through your body!

Here’s how to summon your energy from within!

Get excited! Do you plan your ‘me time’? Having a time in your week set aside for yourself is crucial! Whether it is catching up with an old friend over wine or taking a salsa class. If you do not have something exciting in your week – Make something exciting in your week! Thinking about doing that thing will get your energy up for sure! You can make it different every week, take a cooking class one week, and take a kayaking trip the next. If you are more low key, take a relaxing bath where you shut off your phone or go see a movie that you are really interested in.

Pump it up! Music can get you amped up for anything! There’s got to be some songs that speak to you and make you just want to dance or scream the lyrics. Pump them in your car or Ipod to get you going again. Play some music that reminds you of a time when you really enjoyed yourself! Here are some ideas for music to get you going: Michael Jacksons’s Wanna Be Startin Something, The Knack’s My Sharona, Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer etc.

Get Personal! Have an item around you that is very personal and can drive your mind, inspire you, or put a smile on your face. Carry it, wear it, or leave it on your desk. Refer to it when you need it.

Get Motivated! Plan a goal that may take you some time to complete like running a marathon or writing a book. Challenge yourself to complete something different than you would normally do. This will bring up all sorts of new feelings for you and keep you excited about reaching your goal.

Use your Memories! Channel a time when your heart was pumping from something that made you feel really good and it will bring that feeling back!

Dress to Impress! If you’re a woman, wear heels. If you’re a man, wear a power tie or a 3 piece suit. This will make you feel powerful and want to strut your stuff!

Get your senses going! Carry around a scented lotion or body spray with a scent that makes you feel energized, such as Grapefruit. Refresh throughout the day.

Inject positive energy! Taking a yoga or Pilates class can make you feel a strong positive energy and help connect the mind to the body.

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