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The Conference Room

What is being done today effects all of our tomorrows. I say this with joy and a newfound respect for what others do. It is behind closed doors that plans are being made to help others. It is a place where fund-raisers are being organized, budgets are discussed and new programs are being drawn up.

In that meeting room Elder Care is an issue, Child Abuse is an issue, Bullying is an issue, Sexual Abuse is an issue, and People with Disabilities are an issue; all of equal importance. As ideas are bounced off one another, the idea improves as time goes on; each person adding a new detail, and all with the same goal; to make it work.

The meeting room is a place where people come to discuss important issues. It could be the beginning of a new law, a new budget, a new program for your child’s school, etc. The old adage, “if walls could speak,” comes to mind. The ideas that are shared and the steps that make us move forward in life, were all devised in a space filled with ideas. It is in this space that laws are drawn up to protect us, children’s safety is discussed, and senior services are discussed.

The conference room doesn’t have to have walls, the fresh air works just fine. Many ideas and dreams have been mapped out on a kitchen table, a restaurant, or the back of a bus. Your dreams lead you to where you want to be, no room is needed. A single idea presented to likeminded individuals will develop it into a plan.

When I think of a conference room, I refer to it as a “future” room. It is there that outdated ideas get new life breathed into them. It is where stigmas get erased and a newfound understanding takes over.

If you have lost hope, or are losing hope that society has failed you, keep the faith. Somewhere in the world in a room there are important people discussing ways to make life better for you. There are a lot of evils in our world today, but knowing that people care, that they are taking the time to help solve these issues is so important. It means that we are walking forward and not backwards.

So, the next time you are at a hospital, school, or government building take a moment and think about all of the great minds working together to make it a happen.

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