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Seeds of Greatness by Denis Waitley

Stretching the mind and open the door to new possibilities is what Denis Waitley wants to change about you. If you’re willing to learn he can tap into your inner self and offer up an entirely new person. He is accompanied by Dr. Maryann Rosenthal who will also provide you with the necessary accomplishments that can take psychologists years to do.

The Seeds of Greatness is built around 10 different areas in your life to bring forth a more fulfilling individual. Denis Waitley decided to do this for himself years ago, and today he is one of the world’s renowned psychological experts when it comes to self-improvement. However, this can also be used to help your business grow; your employees, your children, and anyone else become the best person they can over a lifetime.

Everything is broken down into ten different CDs in the Seeds of Greatness audio series. The one thing in common with each section is being positive. Take a look at the 10 CD sections below:

* Positive Self-Awareness: Knowing Yourself

* Positive Self-Esteem: Core Values

* Positive Self-Discipline: Healthy Habits

* Positive Self-Determination: Personal Responsibility

* Positive Self-Honesty: Non-Situational Integrity

* Positive Self-Motivation: Want to/Can do

* Positive Self-Expectancy: Resilient Optimism

* Positive Self-Image: Creative Discovery

* Positive Self-Direction: Focused Goals

* Positive Self-Dimension: Balanced Living

There are 9 other CDs that cover a variety of sections. The eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth sections are geared to help younger children, teenagers, and even blended families. This means if stepparents are struggling to relate to their spouses children or vice versa; the Seeds of Greatness has prepared crucial information to build a strong foundation in these relationships.

Another area of importance is music. Dr. Maryann Rosenthal discusses the benefits a person can receive from the sound of music and the lyrics. Feeling an uplifting and positive swing in your mood starts with specific strategies and listening to the “right” music. Whether it’s for inspiration, relaxation, concentration, or motivation; music can help you stay focused in your studies and pursue healthier lifestyles.

We all know how it feels to be good and something. When you prosper in one area of life it’s something that you truly enjoy. These are the things that Denis Waitley will teach you in the Seeds of Greatness series. Learning how to take an increased self-esteem and intertwine it with self-discipline is what these two consider to be the secret behind a successful, happy, and healthy life.

Some of us have a hard to figuring out where to go when we’re in doubt about ourselves. Are you able to hide these feelings from your children? Do you want them to grow up to have more opportunity and successes than you? How will you approach these challenges throughout there childhood? Take the time to figure out what areas of life are the most important to you and then integrate a system like the Seeds of Greatness to watch it take shape.

We only have one life, and if you don’t take the necessary steps to build strong foundations if every sector; it’s going to be hard to provide yourself with the positive awareness that is needed to be happy in every section of the course you see here today. Denis Waitley and Dr. Maryann Rosenthal are waiting for you to take action.

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