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How to Use Crystals

Using crystals can change your life. Einstein said that there, ‘is no matter, only energy,’ he told our world what so many energy workers already knew. Everything is made of energy that vibrates at different frequencies and speeds. Our body, our mind even our emotions are all frequencies that are constantly changing. We can affect these energies or frequencies in many ways, we can make them stronger, weaker balance them,or imbalance them. Every thought, movement, what we eat, who we are changes moment by moment. Healing with crystals can enable us to re-organize and re-balance the energies of our body, mind, environment and emotions.

When we are learning ‘how to use crystals,’ we need to consider the energy they hold and what we are wanting to achieve through using them. Most ‘crystals’ hold one or more frequencies, we can study how each one can affect each of our many energies, or we can learn how to use crystals in an intuitive way. This is much more powerful than having hundreds of books we have to paw through. Crystals that hodl more than one mineral or crystal type give us more for our money and magnify the power of the crystal. Like when we hold gold, silver, copper, pyrite iron in snowy quartz. This means that they hold many balancing transformational frequencies and are perfect for using as crystal healing stones.

First you want to ‘get to know’ your crystals. Crystals will show you how to heal with crystals if you let them guide you. Carry them with you and sit sometimes silently in a quiet place and wait to feel their energy, the tingling, the warmth or cool or any messages from them. Let them become your friend, be guided as to where your hand seems to want to place them. Just go with your first feeling as to how long they need to be there. “Gut feelings’ are usually right. Your crystal healing stones can help you to balance your energies as you get more ‘in-tune- with them and the energy they carry.

They can become your ‘pet’ and you can find that they are a great support to you.They do need to be cleansed regularly unless they hold balancing minerals like gold within them.

To cleanse a crystal, clap over it and then smile into it, you could also run it under cold water and place it in the sun.

‘Crystals’ can be an amazing tool in our life. Remember crystals are great gifts.

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