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Discipline for the Country

Discipline is a practice of obeying rules and regulations of the society or the country. It is therefore the showing of good manners or behaviors towards the society or the community. In other words, discipline is to follow the social norms and values. Discipline teaches a person what to do and what not to do, what is accepted in the society and what is not. Moreover, it makes a person self-reliant and punctual. The person knows to respect and honor others.

Similarly, if the citizens of a country are trained to be disciplined, certainly they sacrifice themselves for the overall development of the human society. Discipline not only helps to develop a person’s personality but also their physical, mental and social well-being. A disciplined person never indulges himself in any unethical works that is against the norms of the society. He instead encourages others to do the same and unite for the betterment of the society. Hence a well disciplined person is a vital part of the society.

On the contrary, an undisciplined person is like a plane without a pilot that may crash anytime. Discipline less person enjoys doing anti-social work. They become a black-mark in the society. They always suffer because of negative attitude. They have no definite aims and objectives in life so they are always clueless about their future and their present as well.

On the whole, to have a well disciplined society, every member should be made aware of the discipline. They must follow social customs, culture, rules and regulations. To have an advanced society, discipline is not only necessary but also compulsory.

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